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GUI Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 gui_list_user_processes ($user, $offset, $maxRecords, $sort_mode, $find, $where='')
 gui_list_user_activities ($user, $offset, $maxRecords, $sort_mode, $find, $where='')
 gui_list_user_instances ($user, $offset, $maxRecords, $sort_mode, $find, $where='')
 gui_abort_instance ($user, $activityId, $instanceId)
 gui_exception_instance ($user, $activityId, $instanceId)
 gui_resume_instance ($user, $activityId, $instanceId)
 gui_send_instance ($user, $activityId, $instanceId)
 gui_release_instance ($user, $activityId, $instanceId)
 gui_grab_instance ($user, $activityId, $instanceId)

Detailed Description

This class provides methods for use in typical user interface scripts

Definition at line 8 of file src/GUI/GUI.php.

Member Function Documentation

GUI::gui_abort_instance user,

Abort an instance - this terminates the instance with status 'aborted', and removes all running activities

Definition at line 213 of file src/GUI/GUI.php.

GUI::gui_exception_instance user,

Exception handling for an instance - this sets the instance status to 'exception', but keeps all running activities. The instance can be resumed afterwards via gui_resume_instance().

Definition at line 234 of file src/GUI/GUI.php.

GUI::gui_list_user_processes user,
where = ''

List user processes, user processes should follow one of these conditions: 1) The process has an instance assigned to the user 2) The process has a begin activity with a role compatible to the user roles 3) The process has an instance assigned to '*' and the roles for the activity match the roles assigned to the user The method returns the list of processes that match this and it also returns the number of instances that are in the process matching the conditions.

Definition at line 22 of file src/GUI/GUI.php.

GUI::gui_resume_instance user,

Resume an instance - this sets the instance status from 'exception' back to 'active'

Definition at line 251 of file src/GUI/GUI.php.

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