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Galaxia File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
_shared_pos.php [code]
_shared_pre.php [code]
Activity.php [code]
activity_pos.php [code]
activity_pre.php [code]
ActivityManager.php [code]
API.php [code]
Base.php [code]
BaseActivity.php [code]
BaseManager.php [code]
config.php [code]
config.tikiwiki.php [code]
config.xaraya.php [code]
End.php [code]
end_pos.php [code]
end_pre.php [code]
GraphViz.php [code]
GUI.php [code]
src/GUI/GUI.php [code]
index.php [code]
Instance.php [code]
InstanceManager.php [code]
Join.php [code]
join_pos.php [code]
join_pre.php [code]
Logger.php [code]
Observable.php [code]
Observer.php [code]
Process.php [code]
ProcessManager.php [code]
src/ProcessManager/ProcessManager.php [code]
ProcessMonitor.php [code]
src/ProcessMonitor/ProcessMonitor.php [code]
Role.php [code]
RoleManager.php [code]
Split.php [code]
split_pos.php [code]
split_pre.php [code]
Standalone.php [code]
standalone_pos.php [code]
standalone_pre.php [code]
Start.php [code]
start_pos.php [code]
start_pre.php [code]
switch_pos.php [code]
switch_pre.php [code]
SwitchActivity.php [code]
Workitem.php [code]

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