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GUI Member List

This is the complete list of members for GUI, including all inherited members.
$_observers (defined in Observable)Observable
$db (defined in Base)Base
$num_queries (defined in Base)Base
attach($event, &$obj)Observable
Base($db) (defined in Base)Base
convert_binary() (defined in Base)Base
convert_query(&$query) (defined in Base)Base
convert_sortmode($sort_mode) (defined in Base)Base
getOne($query, $values=null, $reporterrors=true) (defined in Base)Base
gui_abort_instance($user, $activityId, $instanceId)GUI
gui_exception_instance($user, $activityId, $instanceId)GUI
gui_grab_instance($user, $activityId, $instanceId) (defined in GUI)GUI
gui_list_user_activities($user, $offset, $maxRecords, $sort_mode, $find, $where='') (defined in GUI)GUI
gui_list_user_instances($user, $offset, $maxRecords, $sort_mode, $find, $where='') (defined in GUI)GUI
gui_list_user_processes($user, $offset, $maxRecords, $sort_mode, $find, $where='')GUI
gui_release_instance($user, $activityId, $instanceId) (defined in GUI)GUI
gui_resume_instance($user, $activityId, $instanceId)GUI
gui_send_instance($user, $activityId, $instanceId) (defined in GUI)GUI
notify_all($event, $msg)Observable [protected]
Observable() (defined in Observable)Observable
qstr($string, $quoted=null) (defined in Base)Base
query($query, $values=null, $numrows=-1, $offset=-1, $reporterrors=true) (defined in Base)Base
sql_error($query, $values, $result) (defined in Base)Base

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