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Tools Scripts and gadgets I developed in the past few years (in Perl, Tcl/Tk, C++, PHP, etc.), including
aWebVisit and aWebVisit-Map 0.1.6 and CVSNotice 0.1.3
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Cloud - Client API Library for the Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform (FGCP)
- Microsoft BPOS
- Windows Azure
- Google Apps: Start Mail Calendar Docs Sites
- Google App Engine
- Amazon S3
- SourceForge
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- What's New at Mike's Pub since 2010-10-01 ? Have a look at the Google App Engine
- Suggestions are welcome !
UPB Les Copains d'Abord
Xaraya +
et al.
- Xaraya Gadget Cached Embed any Xaraya content on your Google homepage Add to Google
- Xaraya development test site (for articles, categories, dynamicdata, workflow etc.)
- Galaxia Workflow Engine (code documentation)
- Old PostNuke CVS notices (demo for CVSNotice)
- PostNuke .7x tips and tricks (including login problems, blank.php, using BL with .7x etc.)
- Performance Tips and Analysis of a large PostNuke .713 site
OpenID OpenID Provider and OpenID Checkup tests

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