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Some PostNuke .71x stuff that might come in handy :
  • "Quick fix" for when you can't login to your site with PN .714 but you do get redirected to your homepage all right
  • "Slow fix" for when you can't login to your site with PN .714 and you get a 404 page not found error afterwards
  • getting PostNuke to run on various Lycos sites
  • getting PostNuke to show missing Administration Menu links on an OmniHTTPd webserver
  • getting PostNuke to run on a non-standard port, like
  • blank.php : insert some static HTML page or PHP script in a PostNuke environment
    If you want to use this in some other directory, insert the following line before the first include :
    chdir('/home/dir/of/your/PostNuke/html') or
    die("Sorry, this won't work for you. Check your PHP settings regarding safe_mode, doc_root and open_basedir. For more information, see");
  • SQL query to turn off censor mode - run this in phpMyAdmin or equivalent.
    Note : WATCH OUT for typo's !!
  • performance analysis of a large PN .713 site, or how to get from 1.3 sec to 110 msec response times (on a very small test server)
  • interpretation of user-friendly URLs for old-style modules on this site (adapted from modules.php). An alternative approach is to use the mod_rewrite Apache module, if you're using that webserver.
    Note : this requires recoding of the old-style modules so that they actually generate those URLs too :-)
    Another way is to catch the HTML output and replace all links there, but that has an impact on performance. For more details on URL rewriting, search for "search engine" at
  • some basic code to check ETag and If-Modified-Since headers in requests, and send back a 304 Not Modified status for semi-static pages (based on script file modification here)
  • *NEW* an example of using Block Layout templates for module functions and blocks with PN .71x

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