CVSNotice 0.1.3 - Archive and browse CVS notices via web

What is it ?

CVSNotice is a PHP script that allows you to browse through CVS notices via a web interface. Since an example will say more than a thousand words, have a look at the Postnuke CVS Notices to see what I mean.

CVSNotice will also check a mailbox for new CVS notices, and archive them into a MySQL database.

Where can I get it ?

You can download CVSNotice 0.1.3 from here. It was last updated on 5 Aug 2002, and now includes an experimental RSS backend for syndication.

What do I need to run it ?

The script contains more explanations about the different requirements, and some alternative options e.g. if you don't have a local mailbox available.

How much does it cost ?

CVSNotice is free -as in beer- as well as free -as in speech-, and is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

What else do I need ?

You'll definitely want to take a look at ViewCVS to actually browse the CVS repository via web too...

How can I thank you ?

By contributing to the improvement of the script, e.g. by testing and adapting it for remote mailboxes, or giving it a nicer layout, or spreading the word about it, and so on. Feedback is what open source developers thrive on :-)

What if I need some help ?

There is a Support Forum available for CVSNotice. You can expect replies within a few days, normally...