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Process Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 Process ($db)
 getProcess ($pId)
 getNormalizedName ()
 getName ()
 getVersion ()
 getActivityByName ($actname)

Public Attributes

 $pId = 0

Detailed Description

This class representes the process that is being executed when an activity is executed. You can access this class methods using $process from any activity. No need to instantiate a new object.

Definition at line 10 of file Process.php.

Member Function Documentation

Process::getActivityByName actname  ) 

Gets information about an activity in this process by name, e.g. $actinfo = $process->getActivityByName('Approve CD Request'); if ($actinfo) { $some_url = 'tiki-g-run_activity.php?activityId=' . $actinfo['activityId']; }

Definition at line 64 of file Process.php.

Process::getName  ) 

Gets the process name

Definition at line 46 of file Process.php.

Process::getNormalizedName  ) 

Gets the normalized name of the process

Definition at line 39 of file Process.php.

Process::getProcess pId  ) 

Loads a process form the database

Definition at line 24 of file Process.php.

Process::getVersion  ) 

Gets the process version

Definition at line 53 of file Process.php.

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