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Current configuration of aWebVisit

Option Description Variable Value
1. Global Settings    
1.a. Output directory for the reports $outdir '.'
1.b. Name of the output files
$name 'awebvisit'
1.c. Visit timeout in seconds $timeout 450
2. Layout Definition    
2.a. Background color $bgcolor #FFEEDD
2.b. Highlight color $highcolor #CBFFFF
2.c. Number of pages per table $toppages 20
2.d. Number of links per table $toplinks 100
3. Logfile Analysis    
3.a. Exclusion pattern for 'images' $exclude_url '\.(gif|jpg|css)$|^\/(cgi-bin|priv_stats|yourUrl|mail|mime)'
3.b. Exclusion/inclusion pattern for hosts $exclude_host
3.c. Exclusion pattern for visits (e.g. robots) $exclude_visit '^\/robots.txt$|\.jpg$|^\/yourUrl'
3.d. Remove this pattern from each URL $remove_from_url '\?.*$'
3.e. Replace these patterns in each URL %replace_url '\/index.html$' => '\/'
4. Data Export/Import    
4.a. Save data to this file $datafile
4.b. Save statistics to this file $statfile awebvisit.stat
4.c. Save path tree to this file $treefile awebvisit.tree
4.d. Use this delimiter for the files $delim
'	'
4.e. Load historic data first $loadhist 0
5. Web Map Configuration    
5.a. Location of the fly program $flyprog '/home/mikespub/fly-1.6.5/fly'
5.b. URL of the aWebVisit-Map CGI $cgiprog '/cgi-bin/awv-map1.cgi'
5.c. Number of entry pages per web map $topentries 7
5.d. Number of transit pages per web map $toptransits 12
5.e. Number of exit pages per web map $topexits 7

You can change the configuration directly in the aWebVisit script...

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Created with aWebVisit 0.1.7 on Mon Jun 2 14:44:48 2003