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06 Aug 2002 12:13:04postnuke_official/html/modules/topx/pnlang/zhoadmin.php,NONE, user.php,NONE, Huang

Update of /home/cvsroot/postnuke_official/html/modules/topx/pnlang/zho
In directory ns7.hostnuke.net:/tmp/cvs-serv13334

Added Files:
      Tag: PostNuke_71
	admin.php user.php 
Log Message:

--- NEW FILE: admin.php ---
<?php // File: $Id: admin.php,v 2002/08/06 12:13:02 class007 Exp $ $Name:  $

define('_TOPXNOAUTH','Not Authorized To Access Module.');
define('_TOPXARGSERROR','Error With Arguments Passed.');
define('_TOPXMODIFYCONFIG','Set Number Of Items For Top X Display.');
define('_TOPXOLDNUM','Old Number: ');
define('_TOPXSETNUM','New Number: ');
define('_TOPXCONFIRMCONFIG','Confirm Configuration Update.');
define('_TOPXCOMMIT','Save changes?');
define('_TOPXSUCCESS','Top X Config Reset Successfully.');

--- NEW FILE: user.php ---
<?php // File: $Id: user.php,v 2002/08/06 12:13:02 class007 Exp $ $Name:  $

define('_TOPXACTIVECAT','most active categories.');
define('_TOPXCOMMENTEDSTORIES','most commented on stories.');
define('_TOPXDOWNLOADEDFILES','most downloaded files.');
define('_ITEMSTOP','Number of items on top page');
define('_TOPXMOSTACTIVEAUTHORS','most active authors.');
define('_TOPXNEWSPUBLISHED','news items published.');
define('_TOPXNEWSSENT','stories submitted');
define('_TOPXNEWSSUBMITTERS','most active article submitters.');
define('_NOTITLE','No Title');
define('_TOPXREADREVIEWS','most read reviews.');
define('_TOPXREADSECTION','most read sections articles.');
define('_TOPXREADSTORIES','most read stories.');
define('_TOPLISTCONFIG','Top List Configuration');
define('_TOPXWELCOME','Top listings for');
define('_TOPXVOTEDPOLLS','most voted on polls.');
define('_TOPXFAILED','Error In API.');
define('_TOPXLOADFAILED','Failed To Load API.');
define('_TOPXNOAUTH','Not Authorized To View.');

Directory filter : [ all ] / postnuke_official / html / modules / topx / pnlang / zho [ view in CVS ]

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