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Author : jarett
Date: 2003/02/14 04:24

have you ever been to ushuaia? if so can you tell me the average weather in winter time
and summer time? and whats there to do there.
thank you 

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Author : Mike
Date: 2003/02/14 11:28

Ushuaia is pretty far south, so the weather is never really "hot" around there...

To give you an idea, I left Europe on a mild winter day (around 10�C), went via Buenos
Aires (35�C) and arrived in Ushuaia on an average summmer day (12�C). I don't know how
cold it gets there in the winter, but I'm not about to find out :)

There's not really much to do in Ushuaia itself, but there's the whole area around it
that's pretty nice to travel through, if you like nature : the Tierra del Fuego inland to
the north, the subarctic national park in the south, the canals etc.

If you've got to choose between, say, Torres del Paine and Ushuaia (and you're a mountain
lover like me), I'd definitely pick Torres del Paine. But if you get the opportunity to do
both, go for it and enjoy :)

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Author : Ali
Date: 2004/08/24 12:23


My fiance's parents are traveeling to Argentina in November and have asked us to find out
what the weather will be like there!

Gather it should be between 45 - 65 degrees at this time but if you could shed any more
light on this please do. 

Many thanks,

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