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Author : Kevin O'Hara
Date: 2002/02/22 16:59

Hello Mike how are things, my name is Kevin and I'm from Ireland - Liked the site some
great snaps, especially liked Chile and Argentina. Was in Peru last summer but missed the
cordillera blanca but looks impressive from the pictures. I'm off to China for about a
month this summer and was wondering would you recommend the guilin area for some shortish
hikes and some nice scenery or else I was thinking of just going straight to the
Yunnan/Sichuan area as it sounds impressive.
  It's just that the guilin area looks similar to southern thailand which we'll be going
to after China so would you think its worth visiting.
    Appreciate any tips or ideas and if your thinking about doing some hiking in Ireland,
the area around Dingle in Kerry is especially good.
                  Talk to you later

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Author : Mike
Date: 2002/02/24 21:38

Well, the scenery is pretty impressive around Guilin, that's for sure. But besides
travelling along the river, I'm not really sure if there *are* good hiking trips possible
or not. I think you'd better check out some other travel sites before making up your

Sorry I can't help you out more, and thanks for the tip on hiking in Ireland. I'll get
there ... eventually ;-)

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