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Author : Klaus
Date: 2001/11/16 10:26

Hi Mike,

Thank you for such a useful script!

Unfortunately I have some problems with running aWebVisit. And I would be very grateful if
you could please be so kind and help me.

1. In your documentation manual, in the section called, "Installation and Configuration",
you tell the user to, "3. run 'perl awebvisit <logfile(s)>'". Does this mean that I have
to insert the (full) path to the log file between the square brackets (<>) and then run
this command in my telnet client? Or do I have to leave out the square brackets? I've
tried both, and I don't get any reports afterwards. 

Just to find the solution to the problem, I've both tried to set the variable 1.a in the
script to '.' and ''. I've also tried to create a directory called docs, which I've placed
in the directory above the directory where I've placed the aWebVisit script. In this last
instance, I've set the variable 1.a in the script to '../docs'.

And I've of course looked for the html output files in the directories, according to what
I've set the variable 1.a to be. But still I don't seem to get any html output files.

Can you please help me? I'll be very grateful if you can.

Just to find a possible solution, I tried first not to install the companion program
aWebVisit-Map and the fly program - just to see if I had done something wrong with the
aWebVisit script itself. Afterwards I installed the companion program aWebVisit-Map and
fly. But whatever I've done, I simply don't seem to be able to get aWebVisit to work and
give me the html output files.

Whenever I try to run the command, 'perl awebvisit <inserting the full path to my log
files here>' in my telnet client, nothing seems to happen. I don't get any html output
reports or anything else.

2. I've tried to install the scripts for the companion program, aWebVisit-Map, in the same
directory where I've installed the aWebVisit script files.

3. I've placed the fly scripts in a subdirectory (called "fly") of the directory where
I've placed the aWebVisit script.

BTW, do I need to install the companion GD Graphics Library? I'm sorry if this sounds like
a dumb question, but I simply don't know whether this graphics library should be installed
together with the fly program.

I'd be very, very grateful if you could please be so kind and help me, Mike!

Thank you very much in advance!

Klaus Dahl

 About your questions... [ Reply ] [ Back to Index ] Top Bottom

Author : Mike
Date: 2001/11/16 18:37

1. No, you don't need to use the <> - that was just a notation to show <which part> of the
command you need to adapt to your own environment.
You can either use a relative path to the logfile, like access_log or ../logs/access_log,
or you can specify the full path like /home/users/klaus/test/logs/access_log.

The variable $outdir in 1.a. should *not* be set to '', or any reports will be generated
directly under / (the root of the machine), and that is not a good place for them :-)

Now, you say you don't get any reports. Do you at least see the message "Reading logfile
entries..." appear when you start it, or does it simply do nothing at all when you start
the command (press ENTER) ?

If it doesn't say anything at all, that's pretty odd - the system should at least tell you
something like "No such file or directory" or "perl: command not found", to say it can't
find perl in its PATH. Try typing 'perl -v' (without the quotes) and see if you get some
information about the version of Perl that is running on your system. If that doesn't work
either, try typing '/usr/bin/perl -v' or '/usr/local/bin/perl -v', or ask the system
administrator where he has hidden the perl program.
And if it *does* say something but simply doesn't generate the reports at the end, read
what it says and copy that in here if you don't understand what it means...

2. aWebVisit-Map is a CGI script, and it works via a web interface. So if that directory
can be used for CGI scripts, that's fine. If not, find out where CGI scripts should be
placed, and try some simple CGI scripts before trying to use this one.

3. I don't think you need to install the GD Graphics Library separately, if you're working
with a precompiled binary. And if you're trying to compile the source code version of fly,
the source of the GD library is also included in the tarball.

I hope that clears up most of your questions ?

 It works now - but without images! [ Reply ] [ Back to Index ] Top Bottom

Author : Klaus
Date: 2001/11/16 23:21

Dear Mike,

Thank you very much for all your help!

I think it's amazing that you're doing all this, without getting paid for it!

You're certainly very generous. Thank you very much!

The script now works and I can read the html-reports.

The mistake I made before, was that I just wrote this command in my telnet client: 

               perl awebvisit <logfile>

When I wrote the following command in the telnet client, I got the reports:

               perl awebvisit.txt <logfile>

It was that simple!

So I get the html reports now. But unfortunately I don't get the image maps. That is, I
don't get any images.

I've tried to enter all the correct files to the images and the fly directory (in both the
awebvisit.txt file and the awv-map.cgi file), and my host does allow me to run images from
these directories.

Do you think that I have to modify the fly script in any way?

Of course I know that it may be difficult for you to tell me what I'm doing wrong, without
knowing more about exactly what I've done. But if you do have an idea about what I'm doing
wrong, I would be very happy.

Again, I'm extremely grateful for what you're doing, Mike! Your script is simply a very,
very good script. Even though I can still only see the html-files, I find it much more
helpful than many of the other popular tracking scripts on the market.

Thank you very much in advance, Mike!


 I've found the solution and it works now [ Reply ] [ Back to Index ] Top Bottom

Author : Klaus Dahl
Date: 2001/11/17 14:39

Hello again Mike,

I just want to tell you that I've found the solution to the problem now.

I made the mistake of entering the wrong information under *1.a. Location of the FLY
program for graphics* in both awebvisit.txt and awv-map.cgi.

I'd given the fly program it's own directory, and by mistake I entered this information in
this variable:

$flyprog = '/home/klausdah/klausdah-www/awebvisit/fly';

Instead I should of course have entered this information:

$flyprog = '/home/klausdah/klausdah-www/awebvisit/fly/fly';

Besides, at first I downloaded the wrong edition of the fly program. I wrongly downloaded
the fly ***source code ***. I should have downloaded and used one of the ***precompiled
binaries available for my operating system (Linux 2.1.125 (i686)).

I just want to publish this information in case others is hitting their against the wall
making the same mistakes.

Thank you VERY much for a FANTASTIC script! And honestly, you could easily have charged a
lot for this excellent and useful script. But thank you very much that you didn't, and
thus made it possible for everyone to use this useful tool for tracking their traffic.

Warm regards,

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