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I wish I had ...

If you wish to donate something for aWebVisit, select one (or all) of the categories below and take your pick. There's probably something for any budget there.

  1. Something about travelling :

  2. Something about books :

  3. Something about music :

  4. Something about computers :

  5. Something about Internet :

  6. Something about something else :

How to send it ?

By e-mail :
By snail-mail : Michel Dalle, Volkerenlaan 61, B-2610 Wilrijk, Belgium (Europe)
By check/cyberCash/... : send an e-mail for details
Via PayPal :

Junk will be sent back with 'address unknown' on it (or dumped).

What did people donate up to now ?

Well, I just posted this, so obviously nothing. But I'm counting on you :-)

Ciao (and thanks),