aWebVisit-Map - Sneak Preview

(from 01/Apr/1998:15:02:42 to 23/Jan/1999:11:14:23)

1. Introduction

The following topics may become part of the next release of aWebVisit, but only if there is sufficient interest.
Post your suggestions and feedback on the new Support Forum for aWebVisit or send them to Beta versions are also available on request...

2. Referrer information

How did your visitors arrive at your site, and which website refers to which entry page(s) ?

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3. Visit Duration

You already have the minimum, average and maximum duration of visits. But actually half of the visits to your website take less than the median duration. So here is a cumulative distribution of the visit length in time :

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4. No.1 pages and links

Another summary view of your website, with the no.1 pages and links all on one map. On this sample site, they all happen to be the same page, but on yours ?

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5. Barcharts

See the different top pages on a barchart, with their respective entry, transit, exit and hit& run hits.

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6. Jabberwalky

Some incredible new feature you are going to suggest now !