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aWebVisit-Map - Welcome

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1. Introduction

This program allows you to examine the most frequently visited web pages on your website, see how visitors arrive at each page, and where they go after each page. It relies on page and link statistics generated by aWebVisit from the access logfiles of this website.

2. Overview Maps

To get an idea of the overall traffic flow through your website, select one of the following overview maps. You can then click on one of the pages to get more details on the links to and from that page.

Entry Transit Exit Hit&Run --> Entry --> Entry Transit --> Transit Exit --> Exit --> --> Hit&Run --> Hit&Run

3. Search by Web Page

If you want to examine the links to and from a particular web page in more detail, select one of the 134 pages available here :

And then select one of the following map types :

Summary Map = all links from and to any page
Entry Map = all links from an entry page
Transit Map = all links from and to a transit page
Exit Map = all links to an exit page
Detailed Map = all links from and to any page, split by link type


4. Description of the Page Maps

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